Diversity Teamwork Equality
Honesty Responsibility & Connection

Our values are our DNA, and we will work towards our customers and among our teams with them in mind. Ever Lasting Tips is a diverse company and has different customers’ needs and wants. Due to it, we highly value a teamwork approach and aim to keep equality, responsibility and honesty in everything we do.

Ever Lasting Tips

After a few years living abroad, I realized the difficulties many women face daily for being a woman, a foreigner, a mother, an expat, etc. In view of this, I decided to find a way to help people improve the quality of their lives. As a Brazilian woman living abroad, divorced and a mother, I understand a little bit about the needs of these families. I invited some professionals to help me in this journey and put together an amazing team of committed and experienced professionals from several areas of expertise. Ever Lasting Tips was born to provide support and reliable articles carefully chosen and written by specialists. Furthermore, to offer guidance and to enable people to improve skills through consultations, classes and workshops. Our guests from different countries share their own life experiences and give you some insight on the education, health care system and tourism. Become a member of the family and go beyond your dreams!

Ever Lasting Mission

Our platform aims to create possibilities for everyone to improve their quality of life with the help of excellent and experienced professionals at a suitable time and from the comfort of your home or office. We will bring up important and sensitive topics to give voice to minorities in the world.

Ever Lasting Vision

Our team is focused on helping families, women and children improve life quality through our excellent services offered by high level professionals .

Ever Lasting Tips Team Members.

Reliable information, professional assistance, workshops, debates and so much more. What are you struggling with?

Ana Paula Marques Barbosa

Speech Therapy Consultant


Ligia Lilla

Literacy, Educational Support & Portuguese Teacher

Luciana Gaucher

Psychology Consultant

Iuri Vieira

English Teacher

Claudia Santiago

Educator & Personal Trainer

Natasha Maimone

Yoga Teacher

Carol Barbi

Doula Consultant

Iris Leite

Nutrition Consultant

Kleber Benigno

Music Teacher

Fatima Oladejo

Gynecology Consultant

Fábio de Oliveira

Music teacher

Diego Sanchez

Personal Trainer

Alessandra Boratino

Pilates Teacher

Rafael Lins

French Teacher

Kristiina St Croix

Finnish Teacher

Carolina Paulino

Dance Teacher

Andreza Santos

Physiotherapy Consultant

Matheus Konder

Mathematics Teacher

Camila Lopes

English & Portuguese Teacher

Daniela Menezes

Gynecology Consultant

Marcia Fonseca

Pediatrics Consultant

Adriana Leal

Pediatrics Consultant

Bruno Tsuji

Japanese Teacher

Adriana Correa

Spanish Teacher

Gustavo Barco

Spanish Teacher

Vivian Lima

Dance and Pilates Teacher

Thália de Paula

Nutrition Consultant

Camila Bernardino

German Teacher

Isabelle Castro

Personal Trainer

Camila Didini

Nutrition Consultant

Barbara Monteiro

Psychology Consultant

Mari Polke

Doula Consultant

Simony Pinheiro

German Teacher

Joelma Correia

Psychology Consultant

Carolina Freitas

Dermatology Consultant

Gabriela Brasil

Portuguese Teacher

Giselle Olli

Yoga Teacher

Hafah Silva

English Teacher

Jociana Bill

Spanish Teacher

Augusto Guerra

Dance Teacher

Marcela Bertolucci

Yoga Teacher

Liudmila Sheikhani

Finnish Teacher
Tatiana Sampaio

Tatiana Sampaio

Career Coach
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