“I will eat pizza when I lose weight”

This is one of the sentences I hear very often in my office. Here’s my answer to this sentence: When you take your child to the mall and they get lost, run wildly around the halls, and ask you to buy every single thing they see; What do you do? a) Never take your child shopping or to the mall until they’re 18 and learn how to behave properly; b) You teach them how to behave properly every time you return to the mall. One hundred percent of my clients say they choose B. In my opinion, this analogy could work perfectly for eating pizza (or barbecue, or chocolate, or other tasty foods). If you don’t train HOW you eat, you’ll probably fail to change your eating habits in the long run.

This mindset is 100% related to the diet culture that calls food “good” or “bad”, or “healthy” or “unhealthy”. And if you’re actually on a diet, you’ll probably say that pizza and health are not compatible. I completely disagree. To me, HOW we eat is far more relevant than WHAT we eat. If you stop eating pizza while you concentrate on being healthy or on losing weight, think of what will happen when you lose weight and see a pizza in front of you. Chances are you will overeat.

It is like they say: restriction is disorder’s Siamese twin. Healthy people eat salad, whole foods, fresh fruit, and they also eat pizza, ice cream and barbecue. It’s very unlikely you’ll be able to maintain a very restrictive diet while without being mentally and emotionally ill. In the long run, your mental health will pay the price. Nonetheless, we only learn from experience. Eating pizza made with healthy ingredients is eating pizza in a healthy way –and that includes avoiding the good v. bad food dichotomy. Eating healthy includes enjoying every bite, paying attention to the amount of food you eat, and to how often you eat some foods.

Food for thought: Changing how you eat is definitely healthier and more sustainable on a long-term perspective than going cold turkey on some foods whenever you decide to lose weight.

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