Reasons to learn a new language

The reasons to learn a new language are uncountable. Some people learn new languages for work-related reasons, others for family reasons, and travel enthusiasts probably learn a new language to help them during their vacation time. The motives are many and the benefits go beyond personal life.

Countless studies carried out over the years with people who speak two or more languages established the influence and benefits that this knowledge brings to the brain and to cognitive processes.

Several studies, among them one conducted by the American Neurology Academy in 2013, found that the people who speak more than one language present Alzheimer’s symptoms four and a half years later than monolingual people (the ones who speak only one language).

Besides, bilingual people usually do a better job at prioritizing activities, and are able to work on more than one project at the same time (multitasking), in addition to presenting lower risk of suffering from problems related to memory loss.

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