The 4 seasons in Japan: Spring (Haru)

Japan, with its ancient origins, fairly enriched its cultural content throughout history. One of the main representative icons of its culture is the manifestation of the four seasons. A lot of Japan’s culture is related to the changing of seasons. Food, festivities, and events are made on each season change, and this brings excitement to everyone who lives there. I will write a four-part series of articles explaining more about the seasons in each publication.

Spring in Japan is considered one of the most beautiful seasons. It is not only a period of the year when the trees bloom. All of Japan gets filled with cherry tree flowers. Cherry trees (Sakura in Japanese) are flowering trees that have lots of pink flowers. The petals that fall off cover all floors, making a huge sea of beauty.

It is in that period that the Japanese have their “Hanami”, a kind of picnic at the parks, where the people place picnic blankets under cherry trees and have outdoor snacks enjoying the dazzling beauty of the Japanese Spring. This habit is so popular that some places need to be previously booked.

Japan, in its long history, has been planting cherry trees all over the nation. Some of these trees are considered millennial and are extremely famous. The most famous cherry tree of all is the Sakura of Miharu City, situated in the Fukushima Province. Its name, Miharu Takizakura, means “Cherry tree in Cascade of Miharu” and, as its name suggests, when it blooms, its branches form a vertical arch, which looks like a flower cascade, coming from the center of the tree trunk, and goes down in all directions.

The cherry trees in Japan represent a cultural icon that attracts many events and tourists that visit Japan with the intention of getting to know a bit more about this natural beauty. Therefore, the Japanese Spring is a moment of joy and prosperity for the country.

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