The surprising benefits of learning French


Are you considering learning French? Are you already a French learner? Either way, CONGRATULATIONS!

As you might already know, learning French is useful for many reasons. But, did you know you can have unique, beautiful, invaluable and life changing cultural experiences by speaking the language?

As a French person myself I know France better than other French-speaking countries so let’s start by talking a little bit more about it.

You might have heard that France is a beautiful country with a strong culture. This statement is actually not 100% true as France has strong cultures, with an “s”.

I left France when I was 24 and have been living abroad for almost 20 years. Yet, I still discover something new about my country each time I return to visit friends and family.

Though this is not a travel guide, I’d like to mention the variety of people and things found in France. France has two shorelines and some of Europe’s highest mountains, old volcanoes, Mediterranean climate, Temperate climate… France is all about diversity. Each region has a unique combination of geographical, historical, sociological and demographic elements, and is peppered with different people, food, habits, cosmovisions, etc.

You can learn all of this by reading books, but to experience it, you need to get to know the language and the people. 

Many of my students say they want to capture the French culture. To me, the French culture is a collection of various beautiful butterflies. It’s great to know what a butterfly is, but it’s even better when you notice first hand that each of them is unique and beautiful, and yet so different from one another. 

When starting to study French, your first step could be “culture capturing”. Our French lessons will virtually take you to all kinds of places to meet various people. As you learn the language and get better and better at it, you will be able to experience new cultures.

One may ask: “Right, but can’t you have the same experiences by speaking English in France and other French-speaking countries?”

My answer would be that someone is 100% their true self when speaking their mother tongue, and that’s how you’ll make the most out of experiencing the places.

Export this competence to other French-speaking countries around the world in Europe, Africa, North America, and each place and each person will give you access to new cultural experiences.

Traveling or meeting people is not an option for you now? By reading you’ll have access to French literature, philosophy, or even Fashion or cooking magazines. Reading French content will make a difference.

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paris, bridge, france-4345139.jpg

Now, get ready to “expand horizons” and enjoy!

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