What is core strength?

The word core, means central, middle. It’s commonly used for exercises at the abdominal region, but, truthfully, abdominal muscles are not the only CORE muscles.

The CORE is formed by a group of muscles localized around our gravitational center. An extremely important muscular group for the stabilization and support of our body. They are deep lower back, pelvis, hips and abdominal muscles.

Many people look for physical exercises to improve aesthetically, focusing mainly on superficial, more visible muscles. However, to exercise the body without working on the strength and stabilization of the core is practically an invitation for developing injuries and many other postural problems.

Why should we work on CORE Strength?

When this group of muscles is exercised and stimulated correctly, it helps other muscle groups, giving them the ideal stability to move in a correct and healthy way, improving balance and the functional movements, avoiding injuries and unnecessary energy waste.

The CORE muscles are deep, but the consequences of having a weak CORE are noticeable, especially in bad posture, which can also induce pain on the neck, shoulders, hips and knees. Although the most common result of a weak core is lower back pain.

How can we work on CORE Strength?

It’s not enough only doing simple sit-ups, it is necessary to reach the strength of this deep center. The best known exercise is the isometric plank or abdominal bridge, however there are many other movements that can develop those muscles. We don’t need a lot to train our CORE strength, with the simple movement of taking one foot off the floor you will realize that your body will adjust and start to contract to keep the balance.

It’s not only athletes that must exercise CORE muscles; every single person needs to have a powerful CORE so they can perform their daily activities.

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