When do we need a speech therapist?

Speech Therapy is a practice that accompanies human beings from birth to the last stages of their lives. In Brazil, the professionals cover Speech Therapy and Audiology, unlike other places in the world where these two specialties are separated. When a baby is born, the hearing and tongue-tie tests are taken, according to the protocols recommended for examining the hearing health and the breastfeeding of newborns.

In children with syndromes or congenital malformations such as the Down syndrome, the Turner and the Pierre-Robin sequence, among other malformations, It is more common to observe cleft lip and cleft palate. However, any alteration in the structures of the lips, teeth and tongue that interfere in speech and eating should be examined by a Speech Therapist. Speech Therapists help both in swallowing and in speech and language difficulties.

Speech Therapists are the professionals responsible for assessing hearing and selecting hearing aids. Nowadays, hearing aids have enormous digital, aesthetic and artificial intelligence features that improve sound quality, have bluetooth connection, and also connect to other electronic devices, besides being more sustainable, because they don’t need batteries like they used to in the past. Speech Therapy also acts treating communication difficulties throughout life at any age, through stimulation and rehabilitation.

Voice professionals such as teachers, singers and journalists can also benefit from the assistance of Speech Therapists to improve their vocal performance, with exercises and basic voice care routines. For instance, the Speech Therapist performs personalized exercises and readjusts healthy habits for voice preservation, such as drinking water and quitting smoking.

If you notice any communication, auditory, language, speech or voice difficulties, as well as problems with swallowing, seek a Speech Therapist and clarify your queries.

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