Suggestions, compliments or complaints

Client Feedback

Feedback is a valuable element for us in understanding our customer`s views  of their experience regarding the services we provide at Ever Lasting Tips. Whether you are pleased with our performance or we have not met your expectations, we highly value your experience and comments about them.

Feedback are possible to be done as suggestions, compliments or complaints.

Suggestions being your ideas on how we could improve our services offered, offer some that we currently do not have or how to do our business differently.

Compliments are praise or congratulations about any aspect of our services, performance or simply the way our business is being done.

Complaints are the expectations that were not met or dissatisfaction being expressed about any aspect or performance of Ever Lasting Tips or our professionals.

We are committed to providing our services considering the impact on you, while meeting our legal and community obligations. In case you wish to give a feedback to the department responsible for the specialist you had booked, please follow the links bellow according to each service and place of registration. We kindly remind you that our Health Consultants are not offering telemedicine, providing referral to treatments or exams,  writing medicine prescription nor giving diagnoses. 

Dermatologist Consultant

Gynecologist Consultant

Nutritionist Consultant

Pediatrician Consultant

Psychologist Consultant

Speech Therapist Consultant

Physiotherapist Consultant

Personal Trainer

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